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Hey, I’m Matthew Bennett

I also go by MrUpgrade. I'm the founder at FirstClassFlyer.com, the longest running newsletter in the travel industry at 27 years, and creator of The Upgrade MindsetTM. I'm now launching The Upgrade FormulaTM which includes the The Upgrade ProcessTM. All based on the decades of publishing FCF and in my private upgrade practice coaching fortune 500 CEOs, Hollywood Academy Award winners, Hall of Fame athletes and countless other ambitious, discerning people that want the best possible – easier, faster, better, and cheaper.

If you're a status quo rebel, you've come to the right place.

See you up front - on more than just flights.





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“Mr. Upgrade's exclusive airfares and booking strategies are invariably creative and often ingenious”

Professor Thomas Y. Levin

Princeton University

I already have an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony but now I am getting Mr. Upgrade's First Class Flyer… Heaven!

Rita Moreno

One Of 12 to win all four major

entertainment awards

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Discover Premium Flight Options
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The longest running newsletter in the travel industry, for the last 27 members have enjoyed premium flight options largely unavailable elsewhere.

Fast-Track to Any Upgrade or Improvement Goal in Life

The fastest way from where you are to where you want to be is a straight line. The Upgrade FormulaTM is The Straightest Line (TSL) to your goals.
-> Your Improvement GPS
-> Never Be Lost Again

Improve anything in life - that's possible - more, better, easier, faster, cheaper. By upgrading the way you upgrade. (AKA improving the way you improve.)
Your travel, career, business, relationships, family - whatever.

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The latest upgrade strategy, upgrade process, upgrade mindset and more.

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