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“First Class Flyer saved me more money and on better flights than I was expecting”

Ari Fleischer
Former White House Press Secretary
CEO Fleischer Sports

I believe anyone can beat the system and enjoy the good life.

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Kansas City Royals
America's #1 Expert
Matt grew up with an entrepreneurial father who bought and sold surplus goods; his motto was “Bennetts don’t pay retail.”

As a 17 year old with a 92 mph fastball pitch, Bennett signed a minor league contract with the Kansas City Royals.

When the Royals gave him $650 for a one-way ticket to spring training, Bennett remembered his father’s adage. He found a sweet airline deal and pocketed the change.

Six years and six spring trainings later, he had figured out a lot about the airline industry and the concept of surplus tickets. When he was laid off due to an injury, he went right into a career of helping people fly in style for less.

Matt with Mike Sweeney
“Matt Bennett is in a league of his own!”

Mike Sweeney
Former MLB Player, Member of the Kansas City Royals Hall of Fame

Matt Bennett

We have served 7,000,000 upgrades since 1996. It’s time you start enjoying the good life too.

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Rita Moreno
“I already have an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony, but now I am getting First Class Flyer… Heaven!”

Rita Moreno
One of twelve to win all four major Entertainment Awards

This is what you can do using just some of the strategies out of our First Class Flyer Strategy Playbook

Did you know…
Fly business class

You can book multiple vacations on the same single ticket so that you can fly business class for the price of coach?

There are four months a year you can fly to Asia First Class for $4,000 instead of $30,000?

Fly business class
European Airline

A popular European airline offers Premium Economy seats that are actually wider than Delta’s Business Class seats for half the money?

There is one partner with whom you can fly around the world Business Class with up to eight stops, for the same price American or United charge for a simple round trip?


Last week there was a flash Business Class fare sale to Europe for $1,600 round-trip? It normally goes for $1-2K more and is about the cost of Premium Economy.

You can book a “mixed cabin” ticket and get Business Class on the overnight flight, but get a lower-cost Premium Economy return flight?

Business Class
Prof. Thomas Y. Levin
“First Class Flyer exclusive airfares and bookings strategies are invariably creative and often ingenious”

Prof. Thomas Y. Levin
Princeton University

FirstClassFlyer.com … An exclusive website … finds reduced fares and free upgrades”

Four Seasons Resorts Magazine

“Bennett shares all manner of upgrade secrets and strategies … fly in business class for the price of coach.”

Condé Nast Traveler

“The best resource I know for free & purchased upgrade ‘tricks’ is FirstClassFlyer.com

The New York Times

“First Class Flyer is a must-read”

Entrepreneur Magazine

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